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No, we do NOT accept donations. The best way to participate in this project is to create something of value yourself (videos, podcasts, websites, etc.), and if it is in a video format, send us a link to your channel and we would be happy to feature you if it passes all our requirements. Please note that we cannot possibly feature everybody and we may have limited human or server resources (which could lead to the rejection of the submission or a delay).

This project is independently financed by various philanthropic entities. Don’t worry! No one will be promoting anything and this website will be advertisement-free. If finances will be getting low, we will cut corners here and there, but hopefully, this will not happen. Sorry for the slow server at this moment, I will upgrade when it will be financially possible.

The purpose of this website is NOT to promote some single philosophy or religion, but to show that we can all learn from each other without changing who we are…

Spiritual experience is a very private matter, and if someone shares it, they deserve applause. You may find that dealing with other realities is weird, stupid, or a cult, but how do you know if you haven’t tried it? The worlds that exist in the finer matter do not have the same rules and types of relationships as the world we live in.

This is the main reason for misunderstanding and fear around the subject. It is not the fault of the medium if they cannot get information out correctly or end up dealing with low-level beings. If something doesn’t resonate with you, leave it alone! Don’t try to “fix” or “break” people if they are not like you! Show some compassion and this very quality alone can get you to highs that you never even dreamed of!

Can spiritually advanced people can ever “fall”? My answer to this will be NO, they cannot fall. Those who managed to raise their consciousness to a very high level should be able to keep it there. If they can’t, then it is just a game of techniques and they cannot really control themselves. 

Our brains respond to conglomerates of frequencies which can range from very high to very low. We can ALWAYS get in touch with higher frequencies by following many different wonderful teachings, but the moment we “step out” of that zone, we will not think or behave the very same way.

This is why it is important that you use teachings as a “road map” and not as your primary source of higher energy (or vibration). Yes, it is amazing how spiritual teachers make us feel, but if we have to depend on them being in our lives all the time, we will never tap into our own God-consciousness.

What is God-consciousness? Very often people start looking at advanced human beings as a Divinity, or God Himself. That is because we all know the power of LIGHT and these light-bearers just by being with us, literally improve the quality of our lives. It seems like nothing can ever go wrong in their company and it is true!

Their consciousness was merged with the one of God and God shines through them even though they are in the human body like ours. These God-like beings are also individuals that have a life of their own, and clinging to them will keep you in constant need of their protection and care. Is this what you really want?

No guru can ever replace the everlasting source of Divine energy within you. For some reason, people complain that “I Am Activity” is not up to par and I don’t really understand why… The name of the activity itself is quite confusing, I admit, but it does make sense if you look into it.  Anyone who ever tried to work with finer bodies and had some success with energy transformation will surely appreciate this knowledge.

In this new Era, with thousands of books out there on positive thinking (you probably wrote one too), the word is out and people use it! So, what is the problem with positive thinking? Actually, there is a big problem, and maybe this is why many people ridicule it or simply give up. Just like with all things in life, we like to take, take and take. Our body is like a battery, which is charged with the Divine energy of Love.

Once this energy is used up, the “battery” needs to be recharged or replaced. You do not want to keep your “battery” discharged for too long (for obvious reasons), but did you know that the “charger” is right inside of you? It is that LIGHT, which is mentioned on the front page of this website (quote is taken from the book of Peter Mt. Shasta “I Am The Open Door“). Please read this book carefully to learn more.

When you realize that nothing is permanent in this world, except for the God within you, why would you need to look any further? Just go directly to the Source and have a wonderful, loving relationship with your Divine (or Higher) Self. Having said that, please try to be understanding when people are expressing their point of view. If it is opposite from what you believe in, it doesn’t mean that they are attacking you!

People change their opinion all the time and can tune into quite a few frequencies during the day (that includes TV, co-workers, boss, kids, tenants, friends, parents, etc.). How can you blame somebody for lack of attention, when they are influenced by so many sources? Once again, if you desire to gain stability in life, tuning into your I AM Presence is your best bet.

Co-existing with people in families, communities, work, or any kind of organization, does take some effort, but it doesn’t mean that pleasing everybody should be your main goal. Pleasing requires suppressing your emotions to look reasonable and be perfectly acceptable in the new environment.

Love vs. Pleasing. Why do we please people? Very often, it’s because we want to be at peace with them. On the other hand, if we respond positively to anything in spite of having negative emotions buried inside, we will end up with all the craziness coming out of us at the very wrong time!

This is why in many cases it is better to face some negativity than train people to be nice and possibly destructive in the future. Talking things through and discovering real problems, has always been a better solution than covering them up with positive thinking.

Does love mean that you should be always positive? If you feel love, then you really cannot have any negative emotions, feelings, or behavior. Not because you force yourself to, but because this is the nature of love. All the illnesses, nervous breakdowns, and broken relationships are the result of not feeling enough love 🥰.

This doesn’t mean that you should go out there and demand it from other people! People will start to fear you and where is fear – there is no Love. If you go directly to the source of love (God within – I Am), you will realize that this is all you really need and your life will change completely.

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