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Welcome to our beautiful portal on Ascended Masters teachings!

Sorry, this website is not complete yet. It’s a bit hard to put all this information together along with a social media platform, but I think I can do it!

Eventually, I hope to have a very complete resource with all the links that you may want. This project is non-profit and there will be no advertisement.

Whoever joins us (and shares their helpful resources with everybody) can have commercial links and a shop with products. Souvenirs with our design will be sold for our cost only + shipping.

We are all in this together, so let’s light each other’s path to a happier and brighter future. 

Thank you for listening,

Catherine (or Katie)

A Little Bit about Me...

Katie can describe herself as an artist, writer, researcher, web developer, and graphic designer. Why did I create this website? Because I can technically do it! Sometimes I wonder how the world would be if we did NOT do EVERYTHING for $$$…

Yes, this project is FREE and it costs me money, but I believe that with God EVERYTHING is POSSIBLE!

I studied different religions for about 20 years, so, what do the religions of the world have in common? They all talk about love, innocence, and finding your way back to God.

Where is God anyway? Well, really, if you ever want to get back to HIM, you need to know how to find Him!

The good news is that He is not too far from you… Without spoiling the plot, I recommend you start figuring it out by watching some of the videos in my gallery.

Enjoy =)

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